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The Mueller Report is out, and it’s a Failure

Imagine you have a Christmas present delivered to your house. You tear the wrapping paper off the box, barely able to hold back the eagerness to discover the unknown. You remove the pretty red bow, anticipating and hoping for something that will make you feel awesome, whatever the gift in the box. You take the top off the box, scoop all of the packing peanuts out with your arm, look inside for the gift you now want so badly you’re almost hyperventilating.


But the box is empty. You tip the box upside down, a few packing peanuts fall out, and you still find nothing.


That must be how the Democrats, mainstream minion press, and shadow government must feel right now in learning that the Mueller report is done and no more indictments are going to be made.


This most likely means that there was no collusion between the 2016 Trump Campaign and the Russian Government.


This event should have most of the American public extremely incensed. Millions of dollars have been wasted to investigate a fictitious scandal that was established by way of a rumor, a lie. Any American who voted for Donald Trump should be livid since that lie was used to try to unseat an elected president, a real outsider.


The mainstream minion press and talking heads accused Trump for nearly two years of being guilty of Russian collusion. And the result was wasted time and wasted money for a big fat failure.


Since the phony dossier was all based on a lie, and all of the FISA warrants were obtained illegally, it’s time for the perpetrators to get what’s coming to them. And something better be coming or 63 million people just might take matters into their own hands.


Some big news came out in the last two weeks, and it’s damning: Lisa Page’s testimony, Peter Strzok’s testimony, John McCain’s handling of the dossier, more investigations of Trump by congressional committees, the college bribery and cheating scandal, abolishing the electoral college, CNN being sued for defamation, and on and on and on. The elites that rule and are trying to gain more power over the American public have been outted, showing their own incompetence and moral inferiority.


And you people expect Americans to believe anything you say? You are all now reduced to a joke. But the only chuckle you’ll get is when we find out how many years your prison sentences will last.


We’ve listened to the narrative of collusion, and racism, and sexism, and Islamism, and homophobia for almost two years. But any other narrative besides this leftist, democratic, minion press, shadow government story is squelched into silence thanks to the big tech goons and the identity political junkies.


You folks who believe you’re better educated and superior to the rest of us — you pseudo-elites, political hacks, and purveyors of gossip should do as Mazie Hirono said, “Just shut up.’’ Because the narrative you banked on for so long is dead.


Peter Schiff’s multiple congressional investigations into everything Trump has done since he was a toddler probably won’t be grounds for impeachment; if you have to go back that far, it just shows how desperate you truly are.


Is anyone angry yet? You ought to be. In the 1760s and early 1770s, the British government did less to provoke a rebellion by the American colonists.


Here’s an idea for all you crazy folks that pushed this nonsense for so long: start telling the truth.


You can’t do that, can you? You’re all in too deep at this point, and the truth isn’t on your side. But it’s still time for all you folks in the shadow government, Democrat party, and minion press to be exposed for your deceit and what you’re all trying to hide.


What could that be? Protecting Hillary Clinton? Protecting Barak Obama? Keeping the shadow government entrenched and entitled to do what it wants as long as the next president follows the plan?


There is too much dirt that we already know. Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the fake dossier that created the Mueller investigation to find dirt on Trump, that he colluded with Russia to manipulate the 2016 election in his favor.


Clinton gave/sold information to China, or allowed the Chinese to hack her weak server to swipe thousands of e-mails. What was the information in those e-mails? Isn’t that treason?


How about the Uranium One scandal? The Clinton Foundation received a $145 million donation for giving Russia 20 percent of American-mined uranium. Isn’t Mueller himself involved in this one?


And what about former President Obama? Did he give the order to spy on the Trump Campaign? Did he give former Attorney General Loretta Lynch the order to exonerate Hillary since she was campaigning for president?


The shadow government, Democrats, and minion press aren’t going to lie down for this. They’re going to regroup and rally. So, there will probably be new lies and a new, but phony, perspective and even a few false flag events to dog the president even more. Let’s hope they all start to panic and make more mistakes that they can’t escape from.


This is what happens when government gets too big, with too many unelected bureaucrats running the show. The Democrat party, DOJ, FBI, and minion press have lost all credibility in the eyes of most Americans with the Mueller Report and the corruption it attempted to hide. If nothing happens to the guilty parties, you know we live in a banana republic and nothing will change.


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4 thoughts on “The Mueller Report is out, and it’s a Failure

  1. Wow. You read all that in the report and the Attorney General hasn’t even released it yet! My take on it ( as a New Zealander – not a US citizen) is that thus far the investigation asked that a number of key Trump workers be indicted for a range of crimes. When Mueller asked that this happen the GOP and Trump line was that those accused were unfairly treated and judicial inquiry would show that they were absolutely innocent. Actually those pro-Trump predictions were wrong. Those indicted were not innocent in the eyes of the judiciary (including pro Trump judiciary. Large fines and even prison fines…… Now a problem. The same pro Trump people are now saying …. and without seeing the report…. that they absolutely know that Mueller has found nothing.

    They may be right. But based on past performance wouldn’t it be wiser to hang on until you see what he has discovered. And even …wouldn’t it be nice, if it turns out there were problems that need addressing …. an apology! In my dreams!

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by peddiebill | 03/23/2019, 3:34 am
    • Those that were indicted were not indicted for collusion: Manafort, Papadopolous, etc. There have been 2 other investigations that most likely had access to the same info that Mueller had. Both of those did not find collusion either. This is a scandal that may be covering up a lot of corruption. Info has been out for quite some time that the Hillary campaign paid for the dossier that got the ball rolling on this investigation.


      Posted by pm | 03/23/2019, 3:50 am
  2. One thing is safe to say is that the US has a huge void in leadership. I really don’t know if there are any good presidential candidates.


    Posted by pm | 03/23/2019, 3:54 am
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