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Those Dirty Dems and the Deep State

Dr. Christine Ford’s story went from being almost credible last week to being as worthless as soiled toilet paper this week.


Her ex-boyfriend shot her credibility full of holes and she is now suspected of being a CIA stooge, who possibly was coached before her testimony. And this is after she couldn’t remember any of the key details from a sexual assault accusation that she kept to herself for 36 years.


That last fact should make everyone question her credibility, if it was as traumatizing as she tried to make us believe.


Apparently she wasn’t coached in creating more of the fictional details she needed to fill the holes in her story. Come on Dr. Ford. Use your imagination.


Is there anyone who still believes this junk? Or do all you low-info sheep enjoy fantasizing about the lies of the shadow government and democratic party, and then spout it out like it’s still true. As Bugs Bunny says, “What a gull-i-BULL.’’ It’s time for you folks to wake up already.


The democratic party doesn’t care about women. It doesn’t care about blacks. It doesn’t care about gays and lesbians. It doesn’t care about transgenders. The democrats’ only concern is to gain and keep power. Even if it means flushing the US down the toilet to get it back. As long as democrats rule, nothing and no one else matters. It lies to you to get your vote and forgets about you instantly.


The Dr. Ford testimony was just their latest smoke screen, their Plan B. This was simply an attempt to rattle Judge Kavanaugh enough to make him withdraw his name from consideration. If the democrats did care about women they’d be calling out their own party members for violence and sexual assault toward women.


How many times did Bill Clinton cheat on his wife? How many ex-girlfriends did Keith Ellison beat up? How many high school girls did Moronicus Booker molest?


By the way, Trump wasn’t mocking Dr. Ford at the recent rally in Mississippi. He was telling the shadow government, mainstream minion press, and the democrats in the senate judiciary committee that they’re all full of… (You know what word comes next) for trying to push a shoddy charge against a potential Supreme Court justice who seems to be a bigger threat than just a fifth conservative vote on the bench.


Who “believes survivors’’ now? Instead of screaming that, the antifa goons should fairly say, “We believe survivors that give the facts on what they survived!’’


The Dirty democrat Rule Book is quickly becoming a series of clichés, and finally, all of the members of that party are being called on their crap whenever they resort to it.


Dianne Feinstein had the nerve to submit Dr. Ford’s letter after the confirmation hearings. Why? To postpone the vote until after the midterms in the hope that the democrats can gain more seats in congress. Did you or any other member of your party think that this might backfire? Because it looks like that’s what’s happening.


Very dirty and underhanded, Ms. Feinstein. But so is the Chinese spy you had working for you for the past 20 years. Let’s hope you didn’t reveal anything important to him. Those of us that aren’t quite so apathetic know why you waited so long to release the letter.


And how could the members of an entire political party jump to the conclusion so quickly that Dr. Ford should have been believed? She couldn’t remember the home of the party, she changed her story on how many people were there, she doesn’t even remember how she got to the party or how she got home. Isn’t “innocent until proven guilty’’ one of the ideals that the US is based on?


But she’s extremely brave for coming forward and telling her story. And for that, she should be believed. Sorry democrats, you may be able to get your low-info loyalists to believe such thin fodder, but not those of us who know what you’re up to.


The next few weeks are going to be interesting to watch as the democrats fumble and stumble over their own words and actions. The scary part is how much violence they’ll perpetrate as their voter base keeps thinning and their members continue to drown in the scummy swamp.





Thanks Q. Your posts are a big help.


And yes, I know that the `D’ in democratic party should be capitalized. But that party doesn’t deserve the respect that a capital letter would bring.

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