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America, the Laughing Stock?

The soap opera that masquerades as a government in this country is bizarre. And embarrassing. And this is what the quest for power has devolved into: a sick, immature, freak show.


The petty squabbles over ice cream scoops, fake news stories, and the lack of knowledge between a real coup and a fake one are showing Americans – and the whole world – that the members of our government and the mainstream press are really a bunch of dolts who ought to be demoted back to elementary school.


The citizens of the world are laughing at the US right now. And their collective laugh is contemptuous. In Moscow, Valdimir Putin is probably sitting at a desk, sipping vodka, and saying, “Every American has me in their head.’’


Someone in another country is thinking, “America isn’t a democracy. It’s devolved into a travesty.’’


Every American, regardless of whom you voted for, should be seething mad over what’s going on in D.C. The time that’s wasted, the money that’s wasted as these politicians insult all Americans by smearing each other just to gain and hold power instead of solving the many problems the US faces.


Should President Trump be impeached? No one knows yet, and in a few years we might find out. But if immaturity was a criterion in the Constitution, then he should have gone weeks ago. Hearing him whine about how the press treats him is sickening to listen to, and every few weeks he has to say something about it. That alone hurts his credibility. Boo Hoo, Mr. President. You should have known this going in.


And the mainstream press needs to brush up on their vocabulary skills. The firing of the FBI director, last week, was not a coup. This shows how the press relies on the ignorance of the American public, who knows little about the past.


A coup is a government takeover, usually a violent one, by a group who did not hold power or by a small faction within the government that had little power. Napoleon’s takeover of France was a coup. The Bolshevik Revolution was a coup. Even the American Revolution can be called a coup. Trump’s firing of Comey was not a coup. As reporters of politics, the mainstream media should know this, but too many of them think that Americans are lazy and stupid and will just believe it without question.


The Democrats wanted him gone just a few months ago after sabotaging Hillary Clinton’s campaign last October. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate if former President Obama fired him before the election. But since our leaders like to play the flip-flop game, it’s taboo for someone on the other side of the fence to do such a thing.


Was Trump trying to hide something, make something go away by this firing? If that’s the case then he just opened up a new box of bad news for himself. If he has to go into damage control mode how much more will he actually accomplish?


And ranking about the same in disgust is Hillary Clinton’s comeback. With her new political action committee, Onward Together, she’ll be taking more bribes, only this time none of it will go to charity. Will she have a new message? Or just the same identity politics stuff? She should move onward, and right out of the spotlight. Even her loyal followers had enough.


The US has had a void in leadership for a long time. Miniature finger puppets in both parties are undermining the ideals that this country is based on just so that one party gains and keeps control. And no one in this country will realize we’ve become a banana republic until it’s too late.

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5 thoughts on “America, the Laughing Stock?

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  4. American has became a joke. The lying media is nothing now but a propaganda arm of the democratic party The so called government does everything we accused and condemned China and Russia of doing through the years. No intelligent leader of any country would trust us anymore. What ever honor this country had has went down the drain with the rise of the DNC (Democratic Socialist Party). Hitler, Stalin and Mao would be proud of us.

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    Posted by R Reneau | 08/16/2021, 8:27 am

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