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Way Too Much Drama

Okay folks. After years of hearing celebrities threaten to leave the country if their version of the wrong candidate is elected, History’s Observer is going to start taking donations for Cher’s trip off the planet.


There are two problems: does NASA know of a life sustaining planet that’s far enough away and does it have a ship that can get there?


Goodbye celebrities that promised to leave the country, or planet. Did you think promising to leave would really persuade people to vote for Hillary Clinton? You are only – ONLY — actresses, actors, or singers. Most of the public is more informed than you and are aware enough to not listen. Your narcissism and histrionics are shocking.


It’s terrible, and being subjected to seeing it is extremely outweighed by not being able to take it seriously. Apologies to Miley Cyrus. Your video provoked more embarrassment for you than sympathy for Ms. Clinton.


Every four years celebrities say this stuff. The only new thing is that they cry. And they never leave!  Just an idle threat.


Social media and technology are great things; they help to spread ideas at a pace unprecedented. But the blathering sound bites are not good to listen to. It makes some folks want to throw rocks at the TV set. If you’re going to use social media, make it productive. And if you’re going to make promises, live up to them.  By not doing so, you make yourselves sound like the politicians.


Pop culture has done a good thing by getting more people involved in the political process, but pop culture has also dumbed it down. Let young people make their own decisions by doing their own research on whom to choose; don’t sway their beliefs with your opinions.


Hillary Clinton was not the best candidate. Neither was Donald Trump. This election was just like any other. Again, the public voted for the least of two evils.



Just a note: This website cannot take donations.  Also, anyone who wants to read this post and calls the website racist, sexist, or any other –ist you can think of – stop – the owner of this website is none of those things, no matter how you make yourself believe it.

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One thought on “Way Too Much Drama

  1. That my friend was the best one yet.keep writing.


    Posted by Margaret metzger | 11/12/2016, 7:52 pm

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