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The Influence On the First Amendment

Freedom of the press is one of the rights that is sacred in our free society.  We look at the media as a watchdog, to keep government accountable for its actions. But there has always been bias. Depending on what beliefs it holds, some media organizations blast one set of politicians while praising another; and we … Continue reading

Checks And Balances

The creators of the US Constitution should be considered a group of wise men.   But in today’s ideologically charged atmosphere, where political correctness and Cultural Marxism reign, historical revision and reinterpretation have reduced Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and the rest as the supreme oppressors of the world.   Even though they helped to create … Continue reading

What Are Our Rights?!

One of the problems that Americans face is that we don’t know what our rights are.  Yes, everyone knows that freedom of speech is part of the first amendment in the Bill of Rights. But ask anyone if they can list any of the other rights we have. Most Americans can’t. That’s why we’re slowly … Continue reading

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